To match the unique ambiance of this historic house we offer a catering service which will be provided by Saneh Jaan restaurant.
Situated at Glasshouse@Sindhorn on Wireless road, the impressive, modern Thai restaurant is named after the famous Thai dessert that pays homage to the shape and aroma of the golden apple. With only the finest natural and native ingredients, herbs and spices used, take your palate on a journey across Thailand as you sample authentic dishes inspired by the distinct cooking styles of the north and south.

Saneh Jaan s masterpiece dishes are a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. Traditional Thai ingredients, from holy basil and garlic vine to chili and rosella flowers, are used in both food and drinks. For a true taste of Thailand try dishes such as the stir-fried crispy pork served with chili, salty egg, winged beans and a sprinkling of kaffir lime, or our twist on the classic massaman curry featuring cumin, masala, tender beef, tamarind juice and pineapple juice.
Find our complete selection of dishes at or call 02-650-9880.


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